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The series of articles «Music Education in the Modern Cultural Environment» was issues as the result of the International conference on the 85-th anniversary of the Institute of Art Education and the 110-th anniversary of D. B. Kabalevsky.

The editors of the issue are E. D. Kritskaya, M. S. Krasilnikov.

The materials of the volume elucidate the wide spectrum of the music education’s problems as well as the problems of the children and youths aesthetic education in the modern world.

The issues is addressed to teachers in the pedagogy of art; to scholars, researchers, and students in the music education field.


Collection of scientific articles «Innovative trends in integration and humanization of education».

Scientific Editor E. P. Olesina
Editor and compiler O. I. Radomskaya
General revision L. G. Savenkova

Collection includes Conference materials «Integration as a condition of humanization in modern education: Yusovskie reading»