RAO history

The Institute of Arts Education is the oldest research Institution in the system of the Russian Academy of education (RAO), nowadays entitled the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution «Institute of Art Education and Cultural Studies of the Russian Academy of Education» (FSBSI «IAEaCS RAE»). 

In the year 1929 the Collegium of the National Commissariat for education of the RSFSR created the Central House of art services for children (CDHOD). Over the next two years, CDHOD was reorganized into the Central House of artistic education of children (CDHVD). The first Director of the Institution was B. D. Zeldovich, Secretary A. V. Lunacharsky in Commissariat. At the time, the Central House of Artistic Education of Children coordinated the Arts Education and upbringing of children all over the territory of the USSR.

Within the House grew and self-determined several agencies, such as the Young Spectator's Theatre, S. V. Obraztsov Puppet Theatre, V. G. Sokolov Children's Choir, the Moscow Children's musical Theatre, the Moscow School Theatre. CHAEC owns a Collection of children's drawings. The Collection now includes children's drawings from more than 90 countries of the world since the During the Second World War the pupils of CHAEC actively participated in the organization of Concerts in hospitals and military clubs. 45 pupils CHAEC were awarded the Medal «For the defence of Moscow», «For work on Arts service of the Soviet Army». From May 1944 CHAEC was transferred to the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences and in 1946 was restructured in the Institute of Art Education of APS.

One of the first directors of the new Institution became V. N. Shatskaya, a retired educator, pianist, a prominent figure in the field of Musical and Aesthetic Education. In 1969 the Art Education research Institute became a leading agency created under the Presidium of the APN Board on Aesthetic Education. During the work of CHAEC and SRI Artistic Education, many of its employees have set up their own Schools in the field of Pedagogy of Art and Aesthetic Education.

Among them:

  • A. V. Bakuchinskij;
  • A. I. Burov;
  • N. A. Vetlugina;
  • E. V. Kwiatkowski;  
  • G. V. Labunskaya;  
  • L. P. Pechko;  
  • B. T. Likhachov;  
  • Y. M.  Usov; 
  • J. U. Foht-Babuchkin;
  • E. K. Chuhman;
  • B. P. Yusov.

With the Institute during its existence worked such Art leaders as D. B. Kabalevsky, B. V. Ioganson, S. A. Gerasimov, N. I. Sats, R. A. Bykov, l. S. Vygotsky.